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"Discover How To Start Importing Cheap Products From USA, China and UK With Less Than #20,000 Capital And Nurturing It Up Within Month---- And Make Up To N115,000 to N165,000 Monthly- Risk Free!"

...No Business Premises; No Customs Procedures; No Huge Capital Outlay!

Pay close attention to what am about to pass across:

Dear Friend,
If you have been struggling to know the profitable business you can do that require small amount of money to start, then this will be the most interesting message you will ever read this week.

Who Am I?

Am an entrepreneur, Web Developer, An investor, Information marketer, Social Media Specialist,, Business Adviser, Marketing Agency, Coach, Seminar Organizer And Consultant.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

You need to listen to me because; you are going to learn the importation biz from the person who does the business with proof which is me). Yes, Am an importer with a lot of experience.

How Profitable Is This Business?
The fact is that, This importation business is lucrative and profitable anybody can start it irrespective of your income.

Is This Importation Business Real?

Am sure you might be doubting how real it is to start up an importation business with just small amount of capital and grow it up to huge amount of money.

Let me give you the sample of what am talking about, The price of a Wrist Watch is $6.79 and when you convert it to Nigerian currency, it will be N6.79X 300 =N2,037. You can import this kind of watch at cheaper price and sell it at higher price of N4000 or more. Moreover, If you buy like 3pc's, you will get this watch at $5 which is around N1500

Now Let's Do the Calculation....

You ordered for 10 of this watch at the rate of N1500, you sold it around N3700..
Now check your profit and how make if much you will you order for more pieces using the profit.

Another Sample is This:

A Brand new blackberry selling at the rate of $32 which is N6,080 when converted    to Nigeria currency. Believe me, You can sell this brand new Blackberry between N15,000 to N20,000. Calculate the profit margin yourself and see how you can tap from this lucrative importation business.

Another Sample Again:

An Android Tablet PC and it is the latest craze in town now though still over costly down here in Nigeria, and it cost $60.99 which is N18,297 in our currency and you can buy 1 pc and resell it here for over N45,000. I Personally sell it from N35,000 to N47,000 depending on the category of person am selling to, that's what i do and am still doing it and it is selling hot. Don't mind the shipping cost cause you won’t pay it, in my "Importation Business ebook" you will learn how to get rid of the shipment fee and get the seller to bear the shipping cost for you. Guaranteed!.

Check Out The Attachments Below.

It was taken from a Nigerian site selling Sun glasses. You must have been seeing their adverts all over the internet. Check out the prices of the glasses.

Now, check out other attachments below as well.

This one is taken from a foreign website which is one of the sites where the Nigerian site above import from.

What about the prices of Tablet Pc which is one of the Hottest Product Now.

I think you have seen the profit potential in the attachments?

As you can see it boldly in the attachments that one of our Nigeria website that they are selling Tablet pc for N42,000 to N49,000 And you also saw it on the foreign website which we are going to show you in this guide that they are selling the exact Tablet Pc For just $70.99 which is around N18,327…

Now, check out this second picture below as well

                          Can you now see the profit potential?
As you can see it boldly in one of our Nigeria website that they are selling Tablet pc for N42,000 to N49,000 And you also see it on the foreign website which we are going to show you in the guide  that they are selling the exact Tablet Pc For just $70.99 which is around N18,327

What About Projector, (Check the Attachment)

Here in Nigeria Website its N72,500.

But in the foreign website price, the price is just $61.90 which is N15,427.

What About Brazilian Human Hair

Here in Nigeria Website its #15,000.

But in the foreign website price, the price is just $11.40 which is N3,158.

What About Jewelries?
It just $6.96 which is N2452.6.

Now, Calculate the profit potential I bought it At The Rate of N1400 And Sold It at N7,850, That is N6,450 Profit. And if You Multiply N6,450 By 10..You will Get N64,500...I spent N15,400 to realize N64,500.

Here are the other pictures of items you can import and make good profits.

Here is the business idea for you.....The business there is Rinse And Repeat !!!!!And that is where am making most of my money.....As a matter of fact, I know you will believe me that you can start this business with small amount and grow
it in to fortune.....%100 Guarantee!

Who Can Do This Business?

It doesn't Matter Who You are, as Far as You Can read and write, You Can Identify Good or Bad, You Can follow My Simple step by step Guide I will be revealing to you in a practical way . Then you can do the business. be it.

1. STUDENT. Especially undergraduates, looking for extra way to finance their education legitimately
2. WORKING CLASS WHO NEEDS EXTRA INCOME STREAM. You too can Easily Figure Your Monthly Income from the Current Job You're doing which is not up to Your Expectation, here is a Business You Can do Part Time at Home at Office and Make extra Income or Make it a full time and fire your boss (Amazing Fact) .


HOUSE WIVES. Also known as stay at Home Mum/Mom, Ma! Act Fast, do something why You stay at Home, Import Cheap Hot Products at the comfort of your home and sell to Make Good Income while You keep looking your babies.....

RETIRED but Still Need Extra Source of Income

Company Marketer, Business Owners

In short any Nigerian Looking for a way to be financially free through small scale business should Get This Guide

Thanks Friend For Your Time Taken, It's time For Your To Get Your Own Guide and Start Importing this Good of Your Choice.

In My 
COMPLETE A-Z IMPORTATION GUIDE. (ebook format) will Reveal to Few people How To Make Money from this Business.

I've produced just 80 copies of this Guide... Why Did I say so? I'm Not here to sell information Like others, I'm here to teach and let out of the bag the true secret, I'm here to mentor and empower few who will follow my instruction In this Guide.
How Much is this Complete Importation Guide on mini Importation Business

Cost N2350 IF YOU PAY today Just 80 copies Left

My Bank details




Step 1Deposit N2,500 only 
Step 2Notify By Sms, By sending a message correctly Like below format.
After Payment is confirmed here, a Notification will be sent to your phone number To Check your email for your importation business Guide download link.

*NOTE ( IF YOU WANT TO PAY THROUGH ONLINE BANKING, MOBILE BANKING OR QUICK TELLER, YOU CAN but indicate in your sms you paid through online banking )
Special Bonuses For You If You Act Right Now

1. Another Latest 5 Items You Can Buy Cheaply and Sell Fast in Nigeria.

2. 12 Hot Products You Can Import Now From Abroad and Sell Fast In Nigeria.

3. 10 Fast Selling Products on Konga You can Easily Import from Abroad.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Imported Goods on Konga Marketplace.

5. Top 7 Online Stores to import goods at a very cheap price. This Consist of latest websites where you can import your products from, which means you will have lots of options.

6.  Forum Design:  Learn how to design a forum like Naijaloaded/Nairaland in less than 5 hours without any programming knowledge, if you have ever thought of designing a forum that will accommodate people, then this is your opportunity. i am going to setup an online forum within just an hour, don’t be lied to, designing a forum is not a big deal, within 3 hours you can setup your very own forum.                                                                                                                                  

* How to get your very own .com domain name directly from the source with just $0.99(N250)                                                                                                                                                                                                           
* How to host your Domain name free of charge with your very own control panel                                                                                                                                                                                                   
* How to install the forum script.                                                                                                                                                

* How to customize it to your test.

7.     Download Secret: Discover the untold secret of how to freely download any e-book and/or software. Don’t buy any other e-book until you read this. There is no need to pay for something you can get free. Are you in need of an e-book? Or you need software but you can’t afford to pay the huge amount to get the software. Don’t bother yourself; i am going to show you live, how to get the e-book or software for 100% free. Anytime, anyday or anywhere you are. This is not some kind of giveaway of the day stuff. You will discover:                                                                                                                                                              
* 22 secret websites where you can download premium software’s and e-books for free and also how to get any video tutorials of your choice for free.                                                                              
* A software that can generate the serial number of any software you can think of. (This software is sold for almost $1000 but you'll get it free)                                                                                             
* How to get any special e-book of your choices without paying for it.

8.      30,000 Active Nigeria Emails To Market Your Information Product with. Value: N25,000

9.       Over 1 Million Active GSM Number Of Any State Of The Federation of your choice. Value: N50,000

And lots more that space will not let me mention here.

Don't Miss This Life Changing Opportunity. You Should Not Miss

P.s. I've Shown You the Business Line to Succeed this year 2015, all is now Left for you to achieve success this year.
I will be waiting for you.
To Your Success


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